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Signature range

Of all the outstanding products that
Steve Soult Limited design and hand craft
here in Great Britain, the pinnacle of the
coffin makers' art is to be found in the
Signature range.

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Heritage and pride

Fine examples of English workmanship, this
range has been fashioned from seasoned
woods, conveying solidity and a sense
of timeless beauty.

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Italian designer tributes

Traditional Italian luxury epitomises this
very special range. With highly intricate
workmanship. Each coffin is an individual
work of art with a focus on the Last Supper
frieze to each side.

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Marks of individuality

Our Hallmark range is a solid wood
version of our Artiste coffin. Beautiful
craftsmanship is further enhanced with
individual messaging and imagery to the
families request. A high quality, bespoke
tribute for a loved one.

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Continental elegance

Refinement and imposing lines characterise
our European range.

A choice of classically elegant colours and
fittings, make this range first choice for a
discerning farewell.

Fashioned from the choicest of solid timbers and employing traditional joinery and cabinet making techniques, our Signature range of coffins and caskets make the most of the wood’s natural grain and colour variation in four distinctive styles. Each one is meticulously finished by hand, ensuring no two are ever the same. Our beautiful solid wood coffins and caskets are available in light, medium and dark wood finishes.

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