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Classic range

The Steve Soult Limited Classic range
offers the widest choice for our
craftsmen built coffins and caskets.

From simple, clean lines to the more
elaborate, panelled and raised lid options,
there's a product to suit all family requirements.

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Traditional range

This very popular range includes a wide
choice of colours and finishes, to suit
all tastes.

A variety of panelled, raised lids and
furniture options, complement each product
and provide fine quality for all budgets.

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Modern range

Unforgettably unique, our modern range
offers unmistakable character and serves
as a true celebration of life.

All of our colours are available in any
combination and so make a wonderfully
personal tribute to a loved one.

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Environmentally friendly range

English grown willow products, made
in the UK by trusted methods to our
exclusive design.

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Children's range

Our collection of children's products
range from craftsmen built, pastel
coloured coffins and caskets,
to beautifully illustrated character
and message led tributes.

Classic coffins and caskets include cardboard, environmentally friendly woven Willow, paper foil, veneers and solid wood options. All are made-to-measure, hand crafted, high quality products catering for all tastes and budgets. We can supply the very best wood coffins, solid wood coffins, classic coffins, traditional coffins, traditional caskets, environmentally friendly coffins, modern coffins, children’s coffins and caskets.

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