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For the fondest
and most personal
of farewells

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For superior quality
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When only the best will be
good enough

Whether you feel a personalised design or functional coffin or casket is right for your needs, rest assured that uncompromising quality underpins everything we do.

Even if a coffin is the simplest and plainest item in our collection, it will still be beautifully made and with the care and attention demanded of its intended use – a respectful farewell to a loved one.

The large majority of competitor coffins on the market today, are made cheaply and by machines, but that’s NOT the Steve Soult Limited way.

Close up of a Valencia Signature coffin in mahoganyEvery coffin or casket we make is an individual work of craftsmanship, made to represent a final farewell to a loved one. No two are ever exactly the same, because no two people are ever the same.

We understand that come the time of the funeral, the coffin or casket you choose, will form a focus for the family and as such will ensure that every detail will be to the highest standard.

Choose from our range or
design your own ‘Artiste’

Britannia Casket in white and goldWhether you require a functional, plain coffin, one made of the finest solid wood, a personalised, engraved or coloured Artiste coffin, or a crematable Britannia Casket, we can provide a fitting solution to your needs.

Everything we produce is manufactured to the high standards of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, whether simple and plain or bespoke to your own specification. Uncompromising quality comes as standard across our entire range of coffins and caskets.

Click to design your own Artiste coffin…
Once you have downloaded and completed the ‘Design your own Artiste Coffin’ form, save a copy for your reference and forward it to us at: sales@stevesoultltd.co.uk

At Steve Soult Limited, we understand how needs and styles change, because we look out for trends and work closely with our funeral director partners. For example, recently there has been a growing trend of requests for a more manageable American style casket. This prompted us to create an innovative new product that solves the problems faced by UK funeral directors. Size, weight, usability and suitability for cremation, have all been addressed in the new, Britannia Casket range.

Download our leaflet or
contact us to find out more…

Steve Soult Limited coffins and caskets are sold through a nationwide network of stockists who share our quality and service values.

If you’d like to find out where your nearest stockist is, please give us a call on 01623 721123.

Close up of the Artiste range leafletAlternatively, download our Artiste range leaflet and take this to your local funeral director and ask for a Steve Soult Limited coffin or casket.

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