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Miniature Keepsake Urns

Simple but perfectly formed,
these keepsake urns are designed for
discretely keeping the cremated
remains of a loved one. They also
allow remains to be shared
amongst relatives.

A wide range of keepsake urns from Shaw & Sons.

Heart and Star Miniature Keepsakes: simple but stylish, these brass keepsakes are a perfect way of keeping cremated remain discreetly. Inside each of these elegant, hand-crafted miniatures is a hidden chamber that will hold and protect a memory of a loved one.

Candle Holder Miniature Keepsakes: give either a small group or individual the opportunity to use the symbolism of a burning flame to focus thoughts upon memories of a loved one.

Signature, Brass and Wooden Keepsakes: this range complements the adult-size versions featured in the ornamental urns range, enabling cremated remains to be shared amongst relatives. Each keepsake comes in a presentation box.