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Steve Soult Limited – Terms and Conditions of Loan of Images and/or Products.

Please note that this is not a Legal agreement. We hope it doesn’t offend you, as it’s merely an agreement between you and Steve Soult Ltd on how we understand items will be used.

We have introduced this simple system because in the past, we have lent people images and products free of charge and they have sold them, or continued to use our property whilst not using us as their supplier for the items that they are showing.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this behaviour is unprofessional and unethical. We invest heavily in design, development and photography of our products and supply these to our customers in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

• You can use our property, including images listed below for any reasonable commercial reason, for as long as you continue to use us as your supplier for that product.

• If you sell our products that are on loan, or they leave your possession, then that’s no problem. Simply let us know, we’ll invoice you and replace the item.

• The loan period will initially be for 3 months, but we hope that this will be on a constant rolling programme. We’ll ring you periodically to see if you’re still happy with this arrangement.