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Engraved, personalised Artiste coffin for Brinsley Coffin Walk 2015

Artiste coffin for Brinsley Coffin Walk 2016

This summer, Steve Soult Limited gave their support and expertise to a local event, the Brinsley Coffin Walk.

Realising that this tradition should not only be kept alive but also improved, our company set about creating a bespoke Artiste Coffin as the centrepiece of this annual day of remembrance and reenactment by the local community

Joanne Hutsby from The Eastwood and District Funeral Service led the cortege and commented “It’s old meets new – we are reflecting an old practice but with modern changes, like the engraved coffin, and we wouldn’t have had a female funeral director in the 1850’s”

Click on the video to experience the Brinsley Coffin Walk 2105.